Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My cousin sisters and aunt visited me a few months ago and you know what topped their shopping lists? Korean Movies DVDs. Shops in, Shops out they headed straight to the Korean Movies Section. Who are the stars? Unchecked! Not latest? Never mind! we have not watched it. As long as the titles are new, they grabbed it so fast as if someone might snatch it before them. Ummm..ok! Though I was not sure why they're so crazy I just accepted their frenzy and helped picking up the titles.
A friend is going back on home leave and I called my sister and mum if they want any thing from Singapore. Not much of other things but the Korean Movies!! Umm......
I checked my emails before I went to work and there was a list of the Korean Movies in my inbox. I was shock to see a long list that could make me bankrupt if I gonna buy all... Oh my god!
I read on and relieved to find that actually the list was the titles that they already bought and I have to check and buy the titles those are not in the list. Oh...no..
A few months back while working at Changi Airport on a project, I witnessed a maddening crowded occupied a whole section of an exit gate. Shouting out a name, cheering, jiggling with some placards with Korean Character's on it. Later I found out. Kwong Sang Woo, was coming to town. And oh...again I was.
Every now and then, I come across in the news that Korean Movies make their way all over the world and that of Korean Actors sweeping the hearts of the ladies off the ground.
I happened to watch one or two Korean Soaps on TV and I went ok! entertaining. The plots' are so so and familiar. Love affairs between the rich and the poor. Step-mum or baddies.
I took time to think why my sisters, my aunts , my mum and ladies frieds are so caught up with Korean Affairs?
I don't know if it's right but I concluded in such...
Good Look! most of the actors are handsome and actress are cute, pretty.
Sceneries are beautiful. It was said the tourism industry boomed along with the Korean Movies Craze. And the plots are closed to Asian' heart and weepy aha... but mostly happy ending..(guys don't think otherwise huh!) and the package. I mean the wholesomeness of how the directors, the movies package and portray the main cast, the actor.

And yup.. guys..the styles. Next times if you happen to watch them, take a look at the style.. the colour the fashion and the whole head to toe. For now, Ladies ( for your eyes) and Gentlemen (look at the style)..Oh Ji Ho....

Looking at a few posts that I posted earlier and how nice they are on Oh Ji Ho, I am thinking of geeting a few Blazers..Any recommendation where to go for nice ones with reasonable prices??

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