Friday, December 08, 2006


I want..I want..I want to get intimate with these topless sexy beauties.... I know I would feel so empowered getting on top of this BMW M6 Convertible..I don't need the yachts behind.just give me the car, please.
Driving down the roads this Nissan Fair must be very sleek and ummmm.. best of all you might get your fair shares of ladies....
Riding through bumpy road? I won't be grumpy with this Mercedes Benz.
Country roads take me home to the place I belong......haha...this song comes into my mind...home coming with this topless beauty... ummm... I am sure my traditional and Conservative mum won't say I am shameless to be seen with a topless beauty.

I wouldn't be asked whether I am alone there and I wouldn't run out of partners for glitzy functions, dinners spinning around in this elegant topless.

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