Thursday, December 21, 2006

URBAN, a guide to looking good (says so) released it 2006 most stylish men and women.
As it is said the style is subjective. I totally agree the statement and disagree on the some names. Well leave aside who I don't agree are stylish and let's look at those personalities that I think stylish too..and on that you guys may beg to differ haha..So out of their 20 men, George Clooney ( Clean-cut, classic yet modern, yup he is), Hideki Akiyoshi, a regional creative director of an event consultancy firm and based in Singapore ( yup..he is 41 but his youthful look and dressing isn't overwhelming but cool), Justin Timberlake (Well need us to say whether he is stylish?), Hidetoshi Nakata (Italian glam and Japanese Individuality- I couldn't agree more), Freedie Ljungberg (This CK model cum footballer.He is known better to me as sort of model but don't blame me I am a stranger to football).

For the girls, I like Denise Keller. Yup as they said of her. She is classy-quirky-sexy-cool. Love you Denise..

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bulan said...

hey there! I just made a blog about Hide Nakata
Including his pictures. drool away :P