Wednesday, December 20, 2006


wow!! I am in trouble. I don't know the shops are just too good in their windows' displays? Or I am just crazy and developing fetish for shoes...Definitely it has to do somethings with my new work place. It's between City Hall and Bugis. So whichever way I am going to catch the trains there are 1000 of shops. And whenever I spotted some cool shoes I can't just resist and wanted to have it.
What happened? I ended up buying a pair shoes a month and just 3 months into this office and I bought 4 pairs. I have never been so crazy with the shoes like this before.
Just now I was unpacking the shoes I bought last week to wear it tomorrow and I was already thinking of what shoes and style to buy.
Before I knew I was already punching my key board and searching for shoes and I found these few pairs.
wow.. wow.. wow... I can't get my eyes off the shoes. Fab and chic. So stylish. Trying to buy it online but too bad they do not offer online shopping. Oh... I should be grateful they did not have it. But I really love the styles and designs man!!

I gotta see whether any online stores carry this brand. Hello! if you know of any..let me know huhhhh! I will buy you a coffee..haha cheers

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