Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I guess everyone loves December! Lots of Holidays & Festivities in December. It is the end of the year and many of us look forwards to the New Year.

Sometimes, we say this "Oh..I will leave all bad memories behind and start everything afresh soon. We hold onto ourselves and brave through the months till December to relieve ourselves hoping, wishing a New Year.

It's exactly how I happen to revisit this blog and write again here.

I was reviewing my life process throughout the year.

What did I do?

What did I gain?

Loss? Many...etc..

When going around checking my blogs, I realized this one had been neglected for more than 2 years. This blog in entirely in English and love the way it is. So I decided I will keep it and still will be in English. Even I want my own people, the men in particular, to read it ( as my topics are related and intended to share all sort things for the man's well beings), I least hope that they would.

The reasons! It's in English and I really think that my fellows Myanmar rather read it in our own Language to their heart contents. Language barrier or patriotism? I will leave it for all to wonder as I don't understand it myself too.

Anyway, for those who like the way I write, think or if you think this blog of mine is worthy visiting very often please do so! My appreciation and I hope you would shout back something by commenting.

All right guys.. See you soon!


Saturday, March 03, 2007


Today I was just thinking what to post for this grooming blog and vetting through all my favourite bookmarks online, I following tags just hit me factually.

FACT: Men want to know what to do to look their best but don’t know who to ask or where to find out.

FACT: Men want to find out about grooming tips they can do from home that are proven to produce positive results.

FACT: When you do what you can to look your best, you feel your best, and when you feel your best you are more confident, sexier, and have higher self-esteem.

FACT: When you look your best, you make a great first impression, and that’s worth its weight in gold.

And through some clicks, I landed on an interview with the author of the "GROOMING SECRET FOR MEN", David Scott Bartky. He is a self-made expert by trying the products himself as a guinea pig.

Interesting and hence, I just copied it to share with you.

Question. When did you become interested in men's grooming?

Answer. I have been interested in men's grooming since I was a teenager.

Q. What is your background in grooming and do you have any formal qualifications to enable you to advise men on grooming?

A. My background in grooming stems from about 20 years of studying and researching both the technical and practical aspects of such areas like skin care, shaving, exercise and diet. I also continuously use myself as a "guinea pig" so to speak, when it comes to trying new products and techniques. I truly am a self-made expert in the area. Unfortunately there is no "class" for men on how to look their best. Hey, maybe that's next for me! The first class for men on men's grooming! Men want to know what to do when it comes to their grooming, but didn't know where to find out until now!

Q. Where do you come from?

A. I am originally from New Jersey. However, I have lived in Los Angeles and New York as an adult.

Q. What is your own personal daily grooming procedure?

A. I do what I call in the book the "basic" regime! Keeping my skin clean and clear and my facial and body hair well groomed is where I focus. But of course I also eat healthily and exercise. I talk about which exercise I do in the book that also helps me to look and feel my best. You'd be surprised what it is.

Q. Have you written any other publications?

A. Along with having an interest in grooming, I am also a professional songwriter and have written songs that have been used in TV, movies and by recording artists. Writing Grooming Secrets For Men was something I was driven to do due to a lack of information in that area. I am always thinking of what my next book will be about!

Q. Do you give one-to-one grooming advice?

A. I used to do one-to-one grooming sessions and now on occasions I will do what I call a critique session. A "critique" session is where I spend about an hour with someone in which I critique someone's grooming habits as well as finding out about what diet and exercise habits they have. Then I show them what to do to improve their look and how to maintain it. However, since writing Grooming Secrets For Men all the techniques are there, so now all someone has to do is read the book to find out!

Q. What's the biggest single tip you can give on male grooming?

A. That's a great question. Choosing a single tip would not be the right way to answer this one. I would have to say when it comes to male grooming, remember the goal is to look YOUR best! Whether someone looks like the guy on the cover of GQ or not, is not what it's all about. It's about doing what you can to help yourself look the best you can. When you look your best you're more confident and it shows in all areas of your life.
David got an easy to follow grooming techniques in his e-book “Grooming Secrets For Men”. Guys the e-book comes with 2 free e-books you might think a must have for your overall well being..haha...

The 2 free books are
1. Natural Skin Care For Men - Find out why you should use natural skin care and also find a complete directory of where to find it.
2. Health Is A Choice - Find out VERY important information on how to stay healthy for your entire life - get in on the latest information.
3. Self-Pleasuring Techniques For Men - Find out about some very unusual techniques on how to self-pleasure yourself to mind blowing orgasms!


What your skincare products really are?

you put on your skin is absorbed through your skin. To be more precise, the skin absorbs approximately 60% of any substance applied to it. (Hence the success of trans-dermal skin patches prescribed by physicians to deliver medications.)

Unfortunately, most of the skin care products mass produced for the market today, even those claiming to be all natural, and/or botanically based, products, contain harsh, toxic and even possibly carcinogenic ingredients that actually contribute to disorders of the skin and accelerate the aging process.

There is a growing concern from consumers about the ingredients in the personal care products they use daily. In a recent study by the US General Accounting Office (GAO), 125 ingredients found in cosmetics are suspected of causing cancer. Twenty ingredients have been implicated in causing birth defects. Twenty ingredients may cause adverse neurological symptoms, such as headaches and convulsions. Most of these toxic chemicals are so inexpensive that they are used in extremely high concentrations in many personal care products. Read the label of your products - what's in it?

These toxic chemicals provide no benefits or nutrients to the skin. They are the inexpensive alternatives employed to achieve the "feel" or "slip" to the skin that occurs naturally using pure, nutritious, essential oils and vegetable oils. The chemicals used to replace the nutritious components are used in significant concentrations in most skin care products. Their only purpose is to increase the profit margins for the manufacturers. The health of the consumer is completely disregarded.

The trend for natural products is growing because the educated consumer is now demanding these for face and body care. Making the decision to use only natural and organic products is easy. Incorporating this decision into your everyday life is a must! It is offensive to see large numbers of chemically laden personal care products lining the shelves of natural health and food markets. Marketed as "natural", these products contain harmful synthetic chemicals; however, few of us have the time to peruse the ingredient lists of our moisturiser, deodorant, body lotion and any of the other products we apply daily. We trust that the products sold in these "natural health stores" are safe for the entire family, and so we believe the advertised claims on the bottles of shampoo, lotion, facial care, etc. If a product claims to be organic and/or natural, its ingredients should be easily recognisable as natural components. Also, the ingredients should be listed in descending order with the most prominent factors listed first. So once again, READ THE LABEL before you buy!

Nature offers all that is needed for healthy, radiant and beautiful skin, hair, etc. So buy as natural as you can and your body will thank you!