Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My cousin sisters and aunt visited me a few months ago and you know what topped their shopping lists? Korean Movies DVDs. Shops in, Shops out they headed straight to the Korean Movies Section. Who are the stars? Unchecked! Not latest? Never mind! we have not watched it. As long as the titles are new, they grabbed it so fast as if someone might snatch it before them. Ummm..ok! Though I was not sure why they're so crazy I just accepted their frenzy and helped picking up the titles.
A friend is going back on home leave and I called my sister and mum if they want any thing from Singapore. Not much of other things but the Korean Movies!! Umm......
I checked my emails before I went to work and there was a list of the Korean Movies in my inbox. I was shock to see a long list that could make me bankrupt if I gonna buy all... Oh my god!
I read on and relieved to find that actually the list was the titles that they already bought and I have to check and buy the titles those are not in the list. Oh...no..
A few months back while working at Changi Airport on a project, I witnessed a maddening crowded occupied a whole section of an exit gate. Shouting out a name, cheering, jiggling with some placards with Korean Character's on it. Later I found out. Kwong Sang Woo, was coming to town. And oh...again I was.
Every now and then, I come across in the news that Korean Movies make their way all over the world and that of Korean Actors sweeping the hearts of the ladies off the ground.
I happened to watch one or two Korean Soaps on TV and I went ok! entertaining. The plots' are so so and familiar. Love affairs between the rich and the poor. Step-mum or baddies.
I took time to think why my sisters, my aunts , my mum and ladies frieds are so caught up with Korean Affairs?
I don't know if it's right but I concluded in such...
Good Look! most of the actors are handsome and actress are cute, pretty.
Sceneries are beautiful. It was said the tourism industry boomed along with the Korean Movies Craze. And the plots are closed to Asian' heart and weepy aha... but mostly happy ending..(guys don't think otherwise huh!) and the package. I mean the wholesomeness of how the directors, the movies package and portray the main cast, the actor.

And yup.. guys..the styles. Next times if you happen to watch them, take a look at the style.. the colour the fashion and the whole head to toe. For now, Ladies ( for your eyes) and Gentlemen (look at the style)..Oh Ji Ho....

Looking at a few posts that I posted earlier and how nice they are on Oh Ji Ho, I am thinking of geeting a few Blazers..Any recommendation where to go for nice ones with reasonable prices??

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Alessandro dell Acqua's Spring Summer 2007 CollectionsThese Alessandro dell’Acqua's Spring collection were punk and military.

And there are many more but I think this pieces are more streetwise and less couturous and wearable for us who are less diecerning, less fashion-adventurous.

I am sure you notice that the designer want to prevent wildlife from extinction and send the message across that no to real furs nor skins and to go for prints instead. Zebra...Elephant and putting a tiger on your strategic swimming trunk haha. Well.. just kindding buddies..

And ya.. the stripes still "IN" for your shirts.

Guys! don't you think plain white, kaki and black suits are just cool and fail-safe and timeless pieces.

For this designer biography and his full collections, please visit Alessandro dell’Acqua

Thursday, December 21, 2006

URBAN, a guide to looking good (says so) released it 2006 most stylish men and women.
As it is said the style is subjective. I totally agree the statement and disagree on the some names. Well leave aside who I don't agree are stylish and let's look at those personalities that I think stylish too..and on that you guys may beg to differ haha..So out of their 20 men, George Clooney ( Clean-cut, classic yet modern, yup he is), Hideki Akiyoshi, a regional creative director of an event consultancy firm and based in Singapore ( yup..he is 41 but his youthful look and dressing isn't overwhelming but cool), Justin Timberlake (Well need us to say whether he is stylish?), Hidetoshi Nakata (Italian glam and Japanese Individuality- I couldn't agree more), Freedie Ljungberg (This CK model cum footballer.He is known better to me as sort of model but don't blame me I am a stranger to football).

For the girls, I like Denise Keller. Yup as they said of her. She is classy-quirky-sexy-cool. Love you Denise..

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


wow!! I am in trouble. I don't know the shops are just too good in their windows' displays? Or I am just crazy and developing fetish for shoes...Definitely it has to do somethings with my new work place. It's between City Hall and Bugis. So whichever way I am going to catch the trains there are 1000 of shops. And whenever I spotted some cool shoes I can't just resist and wanted to have it.
What happened? I ended up buying a pair shoes a month and just 3 months into this office and I bought 4 pairs. I have never been so crazy with the shoes like this before.
Just now I was unpacking the shoes I bought last week to wear it tomorrow and I was already thinking of what shoes and style to buy.
Before I knew I was already punching my key board and searching for shoes and I found these few pairs.
wow.. wow.. wow... I can't get my eyes off the shoes. Fab and chic. So stylish. Trying to buy it online but too bad they do not offer online shopping. Oh... I should be grateful they did not have it. But I really love the styles and designs man!!

I gotta see whether any online stores carry this brand. Hello! if you know of any..let me know huhhhh! I will buy you a coffee..haha cheers

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hady Mirza and Taufik...

lets take a look at Singapore Idol boys' styles They have come so far and look far better than their first day appearance. The respective stylist or might be the same one who pieced the boys to the glam a stage. Good jobs..

Both the 1st and 2nd idol winners happened to be Malay. A hem! lemme ask you..who has better style? or fashion sense or a better posture to bring out their looks?
I think how good the stylists are but if one does not strike the right chord with the clothes and accessories, the photos won't print well.
Or how good the photographers are, if Hady and Taufik couldn't carry the poses well, they would look stiffed and photos and the labels won't cut well on them.
So...who is more stylish? Hady? Taufik? For sure they both are stylish..
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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Please Welcome "Dan Hoang"..Ladies and Gentlemen!
Juicy? Indecent? Revealing? Another Asian Porn Star? Don't guess it wrong if you don't know him yet. He is Dan Hoang, Vietnam born American.
I just think I need to mention a bit more about Asian men from fashion and model circles since there are more than enough million sites about other black and white models and even here on this blogs.
Well..juicy or sexual you may think or even you might think otherwise why I am running all these revealing male body...He is a model and taking nude pictures is just part of their portfolios these days..And ya.. as an asian, I would like to see well groomed asian model making good in world glitz and glam style and modelling arena.And if I think they are worth -mentioing why not! Even full frontal from artistic point of views..
As we all know, "Sex Sell"..
Walk down the streets..you could see a poster Levi's models semi nude in a pair of jeans. Korea's Rain half naked poster for his world tours.. Flesh everywhere..

See a bio of Dan and more of his Pics, Here.