Friday, January 05, 2007


Aha! guys wondering I am going to reveal some juicy encounters.

I am going to talk about our briefs, our underwears. Any men of my age, might be able to relate well and share the sentiments of "Brief Encounters". But you young dudes! If you are here reading my blog, I am sure you have an interest on styles. And you like to look best and good. So you might not be strangers to the brief-his-tory..ha ha
Guys! do my selection of all these hunks with almost-bared-all attires give you a ? mark in your mind?
Yup! we all have to agree these guys are cool right. Nice and toned bodies and I have been trying to get one unsuccessfully haha... But it's not my prior intention to post them for your eyes. Think Fashion. Think Style and of course if they're appealing to my readers, it's my pleasure haa..
I was going through all the designers' runway reviews for spring/summer 2007 and their colourful, fanciful briefs caught my attention.
Until recently, I just love pure white briefs with conventional cut and bought them all white. Hae hae.. yah... you are not wrong S$10 for a pack of 3. The most expensive pairs I own are CK and are white too.
Of course I see all sort of Briefs in Men's Underwear Section in Department Stores and those fashion Magazines I read. But personally never dare to wear the like of tong, G-strings nor never thought of paying heftily for a small piece of brief that no one would see under.
Unfortunately or fortunately, on Christmas last years, I was a lucky-draw winner of a hamper with assorted underwears. Tong, G-strings and ya... all cuts, all colours from a few labels.
Well since I got it free, I tried them all and kind of weird and yeah!!!! feeling sexy having them on me too haha. And boys I tell you! I never bought just white brief anymore from there on..
And seeing all these spring 2007 briefs, my mind travelled back to my teen and think about the briefs of that time.
As far as I could remember, all the men's and boy's briefs we had are Thailand made and they were never a fashion items. Pale colour fabrics with elasticity that can support your little brothers when you carry things or are running around. Ya,...I used briefs here but not underwear. For underwear, we did have local made pieces, boxer type. And the most common underwear is multi-functioned sport shorts. We removed our sarongs and left the sport shorts on when we are playing and put on the sarongs over the sport shorts again when going for outings.
And look at the briefs and trunks here guys! Who says the men don't get it. Women can't claimed anymore they are more previlaged when come to fashions and styles. The skincare products, now what the girls get? whe get it. Designer Labels? What we are we lacking? Spending Power? Na....... Our items are more expensive. So I am sure we spend more and hence there we have the spending power that marketers love.

And here..... underneath our clothes.. the colourful, the varieties.. the designers? They are more than what you can imagine of.... So.. stay stylish.. wear some sexy underpants, briefs and spice up your looks and will never know there is someone loving to see you in a sexy brief encounters....

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