Saturday, January 06, 2007


Yup! I am no fashionista nor a fashion victim but just an average Joe with average look. A commoner with no deep pocket to splurge on designer labels, high fashion..

And before I say anything you might get the hint that I want to look good in my own right.
C'mon! who the hell on earth would say "na.. na...I don't care how I look? Tell me my next door uncles did not try to match his pants and shirts? Not the least matching the colours of his attires? Did he went to the neighbourhood shop just pick any shirts or pants without looking at the prints, the sizes?, the colours? I bet! And yes say he selected the right size that might fit on him? The colour that might not work against him. So, do we still say he do not want to look good in his own way?

Why uncle? why not young punks in your classic example you might say! Yup intentionally! I just want to tell you that not just fashionistas, not just fabulous guys with million-bucks pockets wanna look good. Any Tom, Dick and Harry are knowingly or unknowingly want to look good. Don't deny it.

So what the heck I am talking about? Why title this post "Average Joe?" It is like this boys!

I have ou, my loyal readers who will like and will read whatever I write. And those gurus and seasoned fashionistas, stylists might stumble upon this blog by chance and some of them might have some negative impression on this blog or on my personality. They might go..."Yo! you mad man.. what do you know about style and fashion world? What authority do you have to write such couture's affairs associated only with finer class??

I am saying this not that I felt inferior or feel insecure but just understand the human nature. And it is inevitable I will encounter nasty remarks while getting cheers from you kind readers. So, I just want to make public that I am prepared to accept them and will continue to write and share what I know.
And you read them online or buy a fashion or style related magazines from news stands. What do we see? The revenue-minded or rather profit-driven magazines only put pricey stuffs on their pages and we could only drool and dream of owning a piece of them. Want to go on shopping spree after seeing them on glossy pages? don't even need to think twice that we couldn't. Oh ya.. if only we are prepared to part with our whole year salaries.

I realize something that actually there is no magazine in this world that have the readers' interest. No more the magazines that weigh the balance sheets and the informative, educative sheets. What the publishers have in mind? Revenues! Profits! Advertising Dollars! Getting their columnists get down the streets to discover the more affordable brands for ordinary folks? No way without $$$. No free Advertorial. Well what we can expect, since all these magazines are published by profit-oriented businessmen after all.

So why these magazines are still thriving if they just published those branded items that far beyond we commoners' reach? I can think of this. One, we couldn't buy the real merchandises so we bought magazines to day-dream dressing ourselves with those clothes we see on them. Or are we not the right audiences that these magazines are for?

Well! for me I will continue to read those not meant for me and working hard to afford those stuffs. They are pricey but they are really nice. A lot of hard works to create them. And I will share with you those who keen to know(Especially celebrities from my country who bought expensive stuffs but mismatched-dressing them and became bad dressers).

At the same time, I will try to feature affordable items that I see, I bought and those information that some readers sent to me.

And ya.. hopefully, those brands get wind of my blog and want me to write about their designs and take photos to feature them here.

And ya... take a look at my photos. The Loafer, the Polo and Jeans are less than $100. The most expensive stuff is the watch and that is also just about $ 150. my Oakley Shade...Anyway ..Don't you think they are stylish too..? I went for lunch appointment with a lady friend with this attires on a hot sunny day.

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