Sunday, February 04, 2007

Care for your skin!

Guys! I am sure you look good dressing stylish outfits, designer labels alone won't help and you need to take care of your skin too right..

You go on the streets and look around..Some guys strike a very good balance and looking so cool though they are not that handsome. They look gorgeous because they work on their bodies. Because they take good care of their skins. They dress well.

On the other hand, we saw some that wear PRADA and expensive labels but they have dull skins and do not carry a cool clean look. Ya...guys what I wanna say it .."take care of your skins" before it's too late.

I am gonna start with simple skin care things and I pick up this tips from a store near Bugis. And some photos of what skincare products I keep in my wash rooms haha..

Just follow the simple tips and you will be amazed how you look afterwards..

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