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Guys! for men-on-the-street like us I guess you share my sentiments when come to scents.

Thinking of smelling good for your dates or for whatever reasons, walking up to perfume counters we will be very intimidated with many brands, many types of scent. Cologne, Eau de tilette(EDT), Eau de parfum(EDP), Perfume Extract and etc...

Leaving aside those couture's and over-the-top people, for us it's kind of shocking to wander around the counters, testing one another bottles and yet can't make up ur mind what to pick right! might be not for you but it's true for me. Aha! and mind you, I won't know the fragrances well but I don't wanna get too a common scent that every Tom, Dick and Harry wearing them. You know what I mean? For example, like a certain CK perfumes.

Let's see what's the specialist gotta say about having the right scent for us, men.

A brand manager of Designer Fragrances revealed in URBAN MAN that men often waste their money by wearing fragrance incorrectly. I was smiling to myself when I read this. "Paring their perfume with aftershave, shower gel, soap or hair spray in different scents that obscures the main scent r even spawns a new, unpleasant smell!"

Guys, let's get the scent right and feeling good even smelling own self OK! read the conversation that URBAN put up for us.

Q: What is the right way to wear a fragrance?
A: The traditional way is to put a couple of drops on your hands and pat onto your neck. You can also dab or spray it on pulse behind the ears and knees and on the wrist. Stick to two sprays or dabs, max.

Q: Do I still have to wear deodorant?
A: A cologne can only mask body odour(BO), while deodorant prevents it. If you have BO, a deodorant should be an essential part of your personal hygiene regime. To prevent a clash of scents, use a scented deodorant from the same deodorant from the same fragrance line, or fragrance-free variety.

Q: How often should I reapply my scent?
A: About every five or six hours, but more often if you perspire a lot. One way to make cologne last longer is by layering it with a shower gel or soap, deodorant and after shape from the same range. It will create a subtle, yet lasting scent.

Q: Should I change my fragrance for day and night?
A: Lighter fragrances or Summer versions with citrus notes like bergamot and orange are better for daytime and hot climates. A woody, heavier scent containing wood and amber will stand out better in a smoky bar or crowded nightclub.

Q: What can I wear on a hot date?
A: Look for fragrances like DKNY Red Delicious which has sensual ingredients. Vanilla is said to encourage intimacy, ylang ylang has aphrodisiac properties and tuber rose can you make you feel heady and happy.

Q: Help! my cologne gives people a headache.
A: Change to a more subtle fragrance or use less. Instead of applying cologne to the neck area, bad some behind the knees-It's less likely to overpower people because the smell with waft upwards. If it's your colleagues who are complaining, a bowl of coffee beans on your desk helps absorb the scent.

Q: Find a scent that suits me?
A: Other than going to a fragrance counters for a sniff test, most brand hold workshops for customers.After finding out what is your current scents and life style, a fragrance consultant uses the information to select a range of perfumes for a blind test.

Q: Can I wear my girl friend's perfume?
A: Yes if it contains unisex notes like orange, lemon and begamot. Estee Lauder White Linen is targeted at women, but it's popular with men who like its clean, crisp notes. If you are worried about smelling "feminine", stick to perfumes with fewer floral or sweet noted and more musky qualities.

Q: Should I change my fragrance as I get older?
A: For a mature and serious vibe, try a spicy and woody cologne.If you prefer a youthful, vibrant image, choose a lighter cologne with more citrus notes.

Q: Should I wear scent every day, or just for a special occasions?
A: while people may not be able to tell when you are not wearing cologne, they probably can when you do.And if wearing a fragrance helps to lift your mood and help you feel good, why not make it a daily luxury.

* Cologne : The lightest type of scent, with concentration levels of 3 to 7 percent. Dab it on after a steamy shower. Last one or two hours.

* Eau de toilette (EDT) : Stronger concentration of 8 to 14 percent. Tips, squirt into the air ahead of you, walk through the mist for a clingy, subtle aroma. last two to four hours.

* Eau dee Parfum (EDP) : Splash on pulse points such as wrist or neck. Concentration : 15 to 18 percent. Lasts four to six hours.

* Perfume extract : The most intense concentration of 18 percent and above: pong at its most powerful. Dab it on a pulse point. Last six to twelve hours.

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